Kirio RPG [Adventure]

Kirio RPG [Adventure] - The map with adventures is the most interesting map as you can go everywhere you want and explore the whole environment
Kirio RPG [Adventure] - The map with adventures is the most interesting map as you can go everywhere you want and explore the whole environment around you. But this map is not simple one, there were added lots of interesting things. You'll ask so what odd or difficult things can appear there? Okay, we'll explain you as there you can meet something for which you're not ready. So firstly, this map was created by players! Yeah, it really makes anyone surprise. Secondly, this map is designed in medieval style, it includes several towns which you have to visit and to complete some quests. Thirdly, you have to know that you're going to play as character called Picko. He's very brave and strong warrior who fights against the evil. As you have to get to be this famous hero, you must follow all the signs which you'll meet on your way. It's very important as without them you can be confused. However, these signs are also complicated as they are written on distorted English. So, be very attentive and read everything carefully!

How to play?

This is an open-world adventure, so you don't have to complete all these missions at onse. However, we strongly recommend you to finish it immediately they have appeared in front of you, as later you can get confused or get lost. Don't make this adventure more complicated as it's already difficult. Especially, when you have just started a map, it would be better for you to follow all signs. Thus you'll understat where you have to gp and what you're to do.
As for quests, you'll be able to make two kinds of quests. The first one is the “Line of Quests”. They are the main and in particular they make up a part of storyline (we'll tell you about later). Completing this quest, you'll make some progress on your map. The second one is the “Reusable Tasks”. It's not so important as the previous one, but it could be useful for you, as after completing it, you'll get some money. Even if you've totally completed it, you can return and start again. In such a way you'll get more money if need something to buy, for example.
There is also a storyline for you as we promised. After reading it, you'll better understand the whole point of your adventures.

You're called Picko. Your father is a prophecy and you're destined to become a great and well-known warrior. You have to be ready that your life path will not be easy as well. All great warriors have to overcome lots of obstacles to become famous. So, you are aimed to save the people of Kirio from doom. Furthermore, you're obligated to complete plenty of complicated quests.
Kirio RPG [Adventure]

Kirio RPG [Adventure]

Become a great warrior today! Try out that experience which all the glorious people had!
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