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We are happy to inform you that a new version of MCPE is available. Welcome to Minecraft Beta 1.11.0. Despite several errors that are necessarily

We are happy to inform you that a new version of MCPE is available. Welcome to Minecraft Beta 1.11.0. Despite several errors that are necessarily going to be eliminated in the nearest future, and to be more precise, in the following beta version of the game, you will benefit from a lot of improvements, fixes, as well as new changes and additional features.

Unfortunately, there is an issue regarding the process of dividing whole piles of certain objects in the inventory and the crafting grid. Because we’re aware of this nuisance, we will fix it in the following beta. Meanwhile, you can split the piles into halves by right-clicking, or by long pressing if you are a touch-screen user.

Gameplay Fixes

  • The Villagers from the already existing worlds are changed into new Villagers unless they aren't component parts of the marketplace Template World.
  • List of changes regarding the Villagers: Librarians and farmers attend work on a regular basis; Between the timetable changes of the workers, their professional goals are cleaned up; The fixed professional goals are improved by the implementation of a break, a maximal time for working and greater ranges; In case you reload your world, your fixed selected jobs will be lost; The goal distances for the job sites have been increased;
  • Bug fixes in the generation of the villages: All chests are already looted; The bug regarding certain items being buried - fixed; Lava made by the Blacksmiths has no more hazardous effect; A fair generation of sea pickle; A problem regarding ravines next to the desert villages have been fixed; etc.
  • The Illager Beast was renamed to the Ravager. Now he is walking more cautiously near the blocks that might affect him, for example, the berry bush blocks. Also, a bite attack was added for him.
  • The Vindicators and the Pillagers can now ride the Ravagers
  • The interaction of the Ravager with the environment: he destroys any blocks around it while walking (tortoise eggs, ice layers, leaf, and stem blocks, beetroots, mushrooms, melons, berry bushes, grass, bamboo and chorus plants, etc.)

  • The Illager Captain: captains can spawn from outposts now; they will also have banners (see pic below)


  • The number of pillager outposts was reduced.
  • A new demand and economic scheme was implemented for the Villages
  • If a Villager wants to sleep, he will not get stuck within the walls or pass through them

New Features in New Betas

  • New functions, particles, sounds for the Composter
  • Currently, Pillager Patrons are able to appear within a world
  • A user interface, custom sounds and new  functions for the Grindstone
  • The campfire now has an enriched functionality (cooking using the campfire / when the campfire is blot out, smoke is coming out of it / if you place the campfire on a hay bale, it will make even more smoke / it is easier and quicker to break a campfire with the help of an ax)
  • The Bell also has additional functions (new sounds / the bell is now a custom, not an experimental feature / in case the bells are powered by redstones or the player touches them, they will ring / if pushed by a piston, the bell might break / the bells can be bounced away by arrows) 
  • New sounds for the Lantern
  • Added more functions for the Stonecutter
  • Added a user interface for the Cartography table
  • Barrels are already functional and can also generate sounds

Changes in Minecraft Beta 1.11.0

The most important changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.11 are as follows: the generation of the bamboo trees is not behind the experimental mode anymore; grindstones and tables for cartography may be created using different types of wooden planks: the recipes for the stonecutter were transferred to the ordinary list of recipes but has corresponding tags and that there has been added a number of recipes for the campfire (such as stripped wood blocks and logs and ordinary wooden blocks).


In the present beta, the Addon and Map creators will have benefits too. Data-driven user recipes have been added. Moreover, all the recipes will have tags from now on, making it easier to separate them by their crafting type. If the leash positions are not mentioned in the pack, they will use vanilla positions. The renamed blocks from the resource packs will maintain their usual names. Scripting documents will display the Sound Event from now on. The sword scale of the Marketplace baby Zombie Pigman has been fixed.


Fixes in the Game

  • The Shield hot bar item will now shake only in case it loses its durability
  • Scaffoldings that are placed over voids are able to support the player
  • Players that use a split-screen mode will now have normal visibility underwater
  • The farmer villagers cannot offer endless numbers of bread pieces anymore
  • The chorus fruit, after it is eaten, plays a teleporting sound
  • Like it was possible once, players are able to climb ladders and vines by pressing the jump button
  • You can use signs as fuel material for the furnaces.
  • The creative players will not obtain extra buckets while gathering lava/water
  • The lighting could previously hit the downward areas of the blocks, but now it will not strike the mobs that hide under the blocks anymore
  • Unfortunately, players cannot obtain an infinite number of berries from the sweet berry bush
  • The prior work penalty is not going to be increased by renaming items with an anvil anymore


Mobs, Blocks & Items

  • The Vexes will not assault the infant villagers anymore
  • If Shulkers are murdered with loot, they will drop a larger amount of shulker shells
  • The infant villagers will not display their trade options anymore
  • When renamed, the Vindicators will not lose their ability to be active anymore
  • The guardians will not spawn outside the water anymore
  • The Snow Golems will now get damaged if they walk over a campfire
  • When spawned, panda bears will not roll into hazardous blocks anymore
  • The geometry of the Wither boss is fixed
  • The size of the polar bears body has been fixed since it looked too small previously
  • The grass does not spread to coarse dirt, but to ordinary blocks of dirt
  • The grindstones do not support scaffolding anymore
  • The leather armors of horses are colored properly
  • Shields that are held off-hand are not displayed in an inverted way anymore
  • When held, the banners will not render as variations of walls anymore

Download Minecraft PE 1.11.0 and feel welcome to leave feedback. Enjoy playing and check our website for the latest Versions, Maps, Seeds, Texture Packs and Skins of Minecraft Bedrock. Have fun! To download the new version of the game click the button below.

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android

Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android 

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Download Minecraft PE - APK for Android 


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